GRIP Magazine is the brainchild of publisher/founder/CEO Key Odom. Launched in 2005 in a South Atlanta basement with one computer and a shoestring staff, the quarterly magazine quickly blossomed into becoming the premier urban lifestyles publication in the Southeast. Covering cutting-edge urban music, entertainment, sports, fashion, politics, electronics and culture, GRIP quickly forged a strong foothold in urban entertainment.

In only a few short years, GRIP changed the game in urban media with national distribution soaring to more than 150,000. GRIP built a reputation for breaking new trends in urban culture and earned mutual respect with industry gatekeepers. Past cover stories include platinum rap superstar Jeezy, multi-platinum R&B singer R. Kelly, rapper/actor Ice Cube and Grammy-nominated singer/ songwriter/ actor Tyrese Gibson, to name a few.

Unfortunately, the magazine closed its doors in the early 2010s. Now after a short hiatus, GRIP is set to change the game once again! By becoming the online source for urban trends, GRIP makes an innovative, yet bold 3D interactive web presence.